Exchange & Return

The consumer has the right to inform the company that he abandons the purchase without penalty and without giving any reason, within fourteen calendar days from the day following the delivery of the goods.


If you want to exchange a product for another item from our shop, you need to exchange the product (at their own expense) to return to us, and then place a new order through the website. It is not possible to settle orders with each other.

When a return is a return fee of € 5.00 minimum due.


If you are not satisfied, it is possible to return and exchange.

If you require a product to return, we ask that you always send an e-mail to [email protected], with the following:

  • The topic we ask you to set the following: 'RETURN: your order number';
  • Your personal information (name, surname, telephone or mobile number);
  • Which items you wish to return (name) and the number of pieces to be returned;
  • We also ask you to supply a reason for return (item was broken, received wrong items, not what I expected ...).

To return cosmetic However, they are some rules:

  1. Cosmetics are so-called hygiene products and may only be returned if they are unopened (including any package must still intact) and unused;
  2. You can return a product if you have made a return request within 14 days.

When you decide to return the item within 14 days, the costs for the return shipment at your expense. Shipping costs are not under the right of withdrawal and will therefore not be refunded. Exception to this rule are products that are damaged upon receipt or incorrectly delivered items. A return is always the risk of the sender and this means Imagio COMM.V is not liable for lost or damaged returns.

For items properly returned will be the amount you paid refunded as soon as possible to your account.