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Gelaatsreiningings mousse 100ml met een haarparfum 80ml, amour haarspeld in een leuke geschenkverpakking. Een zwoele, kruidige, houtachtige geur neutralizeert nicotine, omgevingsgeuren en beschermt het haar met een milde voeding. De reiningingsmousse is z
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Foam Cleanser

Soft and delicate cleansing mousse. Ideal as a daily gesture of beauty.

Perfectly removes make-up and impurities deposited on the face during the day. The skin is soft, silky and fresh. Nourishing and delicate formula, enriched with aloe and extracts of ginger and cinnamon.

Suitable for any type of skin. Dispense a nut of product on the palm of the hand. Apply on wet face. Gently massage with circular movements. Leave for a few seconds, rinse carefully. 

Hair Scent

Light and delicate, this perfume for hair characterized by warm, spicy and woody notes, will be your indispensable accessory to complete the look and leave a distinctive mark. Spray on dry hair lengths, keeping a distance of about 20 cenimeters. Use as often as desired several time a day.